International Journal of Education and Research in Health Sciences
(Official Publication of Sai Amrut Educational and Medical Research Foundation, Aurangabad)

Vol.2, Issue 4 (2016)

Opportunistic Screening for Hypertension and Diabetes in Individuals ≥25 Years attending Outpatient Department at the Urban Health Training Center of K.J. Somaiya Medical College, Sion, Mumbai

Deepali M Kadam, Padmaja Chowdary


CONTEXT: India is experiencing a rapid health transition with a rising burden of noncommunicable diseases, especially, hypertension and diabetes, causing a loss in potentially productive years of life. These diseases are slow in onset, and, in the initial phase, the individuals are asymptomatic. Early detection and management of these conditions lead to prevention of morbidity and mortality. There is an opportunity to screen individuals in a health care setup when they seek treatment for their common ailments. MATERIALS AND METHODS: It was a cross-sectional study. Opportunistic screening for hypertension and diabetes was carried out for individuals attending the outpatient department of the urban health training center. RESULTS: Out of 470 screened for hypertension, 34 (7.23%) individuals were newly diagnosed as hypertensive and out of 492 screened for diabetes, 11 (2.24%) individuals were newly diagnosed as diabetic. CONCLUSION: Opportunistic screening helps in early diagnosis of hypertension and diabetes.


Diabetes, Hypertension, Screening

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International Journal of Education and Research in Health Sciences

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