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Vol.2, Issue 2 (2016)

Study the efficacy of MadhurBimbi (Coccinia indica Wight &Arn) fruit swarasa and Krushna Maricha (Piper nigrum L.) Fruit powder in the management of ShayyaMutra (Nocturnal enuresis)

Yogini R. Kulkarni, Namrata M. Jain


Introduction: Shayya Mutra being the psycho-social problem this has been selected for the study. Krushna Maricha and Sweet variety of Bimbifruits are the two drugs which were selected for the present study. Method: Clinical study of standard samples of Maricha and Bimbi were carried out to evaluate their combined efficacy on ShayyaMutra. The patients with consistent symptom of shayyamutra with age 5-15 were included and randomly divided in 4 four groups, to assess the combined effect of Bimbi and Maricha with Pathapathya and separate effect of Bimbi and Maricha and Pathapathya Results: The treatment ‘A’ provided better relief in Shayyamutra, Mutradaurgandhya, Alpamutradharan, Agnivaigunya, Trushna and Purishpravruttivaigunya. The treatment ‘B’ provided better relief in shayyamutra, Mutradaurgandhya, Trushna, whereas the treatment ‘C’ provided significant relief only in shayyamutra. While comparing the cure rate of treatments, A is more effective than B and B is more effective than treatment C. This is because of its Agnivardhak property. The treatment D as the pathyapathya dose not show significant effect on Shayyamutra Conclusion: The combined effect of the drugs with pathyapathya gives better relief in shayyamutra.


Shayya-Mutra, Bimbi, Maricha and Nocturnal Enuresis

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