International Journal of Education and Research in Health Sciences
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Vol.2, Issue 2 (2019)

Internet Era Jeopardize the “Mortals”: Its Creators

Namra Aziz, Ankita Wal, Pranay Wal, Rupa Bhalla


BACKGROUND: In this technical era, undoubtedly the internet has brought the great revolution worldwide. Technology-mediated social networking sites (SNSs), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Smartphones, are all the predictors and mediators of the drastic increase of use of internet in all age groups of people and its use is now having tremendous impact from small children to adolescent, young people to older people also. But captivity of internet is prevalent these days, which leads to internet addiction. The main aim of the paper was to provide the possible mediators and predictors of internet addiction in all age groups, its prevalence, and the use of modern technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the field of healthcare and also provide with the long-term solutions of internet addiction which works on the person level and not the disease level. METHODS: An extensive review of the literature was done on the use of internet, predictors of addiction of internet and its complementary treatment. The study done by different scientists on internet addiction, its psychological, social and physical impact on one’s life were also studied and presented in tables and figures. The possible non-pharmacological treatment was also studied and discussed. RESULT AND CONCLUSION: Internet addiction is one of the growing challenges of health complications worldwide in all age groups of people.The possible long-term solution of IA is the psychological and complementary treatments along with the use of cosmic medicine, which has the ample opportunity of seeking betterment in people’s life with healthy social and mental well being.


Internet addiction, Social networking sites, Artificial intelligence, Meditation, Cognitive behavioural treatment, Cosmic medicine

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