International Journal of Education and Research in Health Sciences
(Official Publication of Sai Amrut Educational and Medical Research Foundation, Aurangabad)

Vol.1, Issue 2 (2018)

Feasibility of Basic Sciences: Short Course for Postgraduates

R Kadam Yugantara, Meena Parekh, Rajeev B Kulkarni, Dajiram G Mote


BACKGROUNDS AND OBJECTIVES: Students’ retention of basic sciences after the preclinical years is generally poor. Revisiting to basic sciences improves clinical acumen. But to have such program is a challenge, especially for postgraduates (PGs). Studies regarding integration of basic sciences for PG students are not available. Hence, this study was planned to formulate, implement, and measure short-term outcome to determine the feasibility of the short course on basic sciences. MATERIALS AND METHODS: An interventional study with mixedmethods approach. Study subjects: First-year PGs. Study tools: (1) Pretested, semi-structured feedback questionnaire for PG students and teachers; (2) posttest questionnaire: Multiple choice questions based on case scenarios. Outcome indicator: (1) Feasibility indicators: ≥85% positive attitude of the teachers and students; (2) posttest score of ≥50% of at least 80% students; (3) investigator’s daily report. Statistical analysis: Percentages. RESULTS: Conduction of program was smooth and investigator did not face any major hurdles. Out of 25 students, 24 attended the course and 21 (87.5%) found the program useful. Average performance on posttest was 70.5%. This interaction has made the students feel free to contact teachers in future if needed. Out of 20 teachers, 15 (75%) felt the program useful and should be continued next year with some changes. On “SPICES” model, curriculum was not extreme left or right. CONCLUSION: It is feasible to conduct a basic sciences short course for PGs and that can be continued with appropriate changes in topic selection.


Basic sciences course, Integrated teaching, Postgraduate students

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