International Journal of Education and Research in Health Sciences
(Official Publication of Sai Amrut Educational and Medical Research Foundation, Aurangabad)

Vol.3, Issue 4 (2017)

Domestic Violence Act: Boon or Bane for Society and Role of Health care Professional

Sachin S Patil, Ravindra B Deokar, Rajesh C Dere


Domestic violence against women occurs across the globe, in sundry cultures, and affecting people across society, irrespective of their economic condition. Women who have experienced gender violence usually face mental health issues, emotional distress, and suicidal tendencies. Introduction of Domestic Violence Act 2005 was the foremost noteworthy effort in India to distinguish domestic abuse as a punishable offense, to broaden its provisions to those in live-in relationships, and to offer emergency relief and legal course for the victims. Doctors secure an important place to empower people, give necessary instructions, and consign them to suitable services. Forensic medicine experts can play a pivotal role and will be crucial in impediment, wakefulness, detection, and conviction of accused of domestic violence. An ingrained medicolegal system only can act as restraint to this peril. However, the misuse and exploitation of Domestic Violence Act 2005 is an issue of grave concern for the courts today.


Awareness, Domestic violence, Health care providers, Misuse.

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International Journal of Education and Research in Health Sciences

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