International Journal of Education and Research in Health Sciences
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Vol.1, Issue 4 (2018)

Adenomatoid Odontogenic Tumor: An Unusual Case of an Unusual Variant of an Unusual Tumor

Sonika MH Khimani, Prasad D Bhange, Ninad M Padhye


Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor (AOT) is considered to be an uncommon tumor and is often misdiagnosed as one of the odontogenic cysts on clinical examination. Its histogenesis is not clear, and there is still a conflict, whether it is a benign neoplasm or a hamartomatous malformation. It is commonly known as two-thirds tumor and has a unique clinicopathologic profile among the other odontogenic tumors and has three clinicopathologic variants, namely; the follicular type, extra¬follicular type, and the peripheral type. It has an exclusive occurrence in the tooth-bearing areas of the jaw and hence is included in the classification of odontogenic tumors. We present an atypical case of the extrafollicular variant, having specific characteristics of the peripheral type as well, not confined to the characteristics of a typical “two-thirds” tumor in a 13-year old male patient; it’s the radiographic and histopathological profile and its management.


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