International Journal of Education and Research in Health Sciences
(Official Publication of Sai Amrut Educational and Medical Research Foundation, Aurangabad)
Vol.1, Issue 1 (2015)

Role of Yama-Niyama and Sadvritta in Puberty and Adolescent Related Physical and Mental Changes - A Review

Yeshwant R. Patil, Archana Inchekar, Shital O. Chavan


Puberty is a phase of sexual maturity occurring where drastic changes in body and mind developed. Adolescence is a period of social and psychological growth that transforms the dependent child into a functionally independent young adult. Both stages lead to microscopic self-examination oversensitivity, over consciousness and physical-mental changes related stress. In Ayurveda Charakacharya and Sushrutacharya have mentioned menarche in female, growth and spermatogenesis in male. Health includes physical and mental fitness, which suddenly changes in puberty as per developmental probable causes of diseases which may occur by Pradnyaparadh i.e. mistakes done by mind to select wholesome and unwholesome life style. These factors can be control by implementation of right conducts called as Sadvritta, and Yama-Niyama i.e. yogic guidelines for the primary mind control. Truthfulness, cleanliness of body and mind, non-violence, forgiveness and other described Yama-niyamas, culture the mind of adolescent and helps to handle their physical and mental changes.


Puberty, Adolescent, Mental changes, Yama, Niyama, Sadvritta, Mind control

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